BlackBerry service downtime affects millions

10 Oct 2011

A major fault at RIM has brought down online BlackBerry services, such as internet access and instant messaging, affecting millions of users across Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

The Telegraph reports that BlackBerry users have been unable to access the web or send instant messages through BlackBerry Messenger. However, reports suggest those served by a corporate server are unaffected.

Numerous network providers, such as T-Mobile UK, Vodafone and Bahrain mobile operator Batelco confirm that the issue is happening on RIM’s side. BlackBerry services are operated by a RIM data centre in Slough, UK.

It’s the latest blow for RIM, which has been struggling in the increasingly competitive smartphone market.

RIM’s revenue fell in the last quarter and it reduced its workforce by 2,000 people. It also faced some negative publicity when it was discovered that London rioters were using BBM to communicate.