6 beautiful moments when blind people see for the first time (video)

9 Apr 2016

Advances in science and technology are enabling people who are visually impaired or fully blind to see for the very first time

Whether it is a toddler putting on his first pair of specs or people who were blind seeing for the first time in a long time, or the first time ever, we are witnessing some of the real miracles of our time.

Advances in science and technology are enabling people who are visually impaired or fully blind to see for the very first time.

Inspired by a viral video doing the rounds of a little fella who sees his mother for the first time after putting on a new pair of glasses, behold some truly heartwarming videos of people seeing for the first time.

1. Look ma, new glasses!

Four-month-old Leo Reppond was born with oculocutaneous albinism which impacts his hair, skin and eyesight.

His beautiful smile when he finally realises he is seeing his mother properly for the very first time would melt the hardest of hearts.

2. Blind sisters in India see for the first time

Sonia and Anita, two sisters living in India, were blind since birth, but a simple eye operation made it possible for them to see their mom for the first time.

The non-profit organisation 20/20/20 provides free operations to these sisters, as well as thousands of other people in developing countries.

3. Blind man sees his wife for first time in 21 years and daughter for first time ever

This is the emotional moment when a man who has been blind for 21 years sees his wife again for the first time in that period and his daughter for the first time ever. You may need a hankie for this one.

4. Legally blind mother sees her baby for the first time

A legally blind woman was able to see her newborn baby with the aid of eSight glasses, electronic glasses that help blind people to see. The subject of a major clinical trial in 2016, eSight is a wearable device registered with the US FDA that works for legally blind people suffering from many different eye conditions, including macular degeneration, ocular albinism and some forms of glaucoma, to name a few.

5. Man sees for the first time since 1978

A man who was involved in a chemical explosion at work in 1978 gets his vision back in 2013.

6. Girl sees herself for the first time

Maria, a 15-year-old blind orphan from Moldova, gets to see after receiving sight restoration surgery.

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