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24 Sep 2009

There’s an entrepreneurial vibe in the air. While the Government was merely
talking about innovation at Farmleigh House on Saturday, nearby hundreds of small
business owners and entrepreneurs were taking action, flocking to the free grassroots Bizcamp conference at the Guinness Enterprise Centre.

If you’re thinking of starting a technology business, there are plenty of Irish blogs out there and this is a supportive and helpful community, so get reading.

Bizcamp Blog

This is the official blog of the BizCamp conference and, aside from providing information on the event itself, it acts as a good jumping-off point to find out about other resources and people to connect with.

As one of the volunteers, Alan O’Rourke, says: “BizCamp needn’t be a one-day event. Keep in touch with the great people, knowledge and experience from BizCamp and build a fantastic support network around your business.”

As states: “It’s a resource by the web 2.0 community, for the web 2.0 community.”

Therefore, another great starting point when you’re looking into the web, mobile and general technology market in Ireland and what other companies are already doing.

This is mostly maintained by Fergus Burns, entrepreneur and CEO of


If there is one thing vital to all technology start-ups, it is a clear understanding of funding and finance available to them.

Joe Drumgoole, a successful entrepreneur, with PutPlace and CloudSplit under his belt, is a definitive expert in this area. What he doesn’t know probably isn’t worth knowing. This blog is a good portal for IT news, as well as being essential reading for every type of start-up.

pat  net

Some people can rightly be referred to as the battle fit or indeed war heroes of the technology start-up scene, and here in Ireland it goes without saying that Pat Phelan, CEO of Cubic Telecom, is one of these guys.

Phelan has not only had huge success with his company this year – winning deals with global companies including Hostelworld as well as Dopplr, Qik and SeaRoam – but he is also an ever-ready presence to help those starting out with advice.

I suggest you read one of his latest posts entitled: ‘Irish Silicon Valley – don’t make me laugh’. Not only the post, but the ensuing comments are gold dust to the Government if it is interested in pursuing this innovation nation it keeps talking about.

By Marie Boran