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17 Sep 2009

After hearing the sad news that the talented, exuberant and wine-loving chef Keith Floyd passed away on Monday, I visited his blog and got to thinking that the concept of the celebrity has changed so much now that celebrities can give us an inside view through their blogs and so on. I have previously highlighted the blogs of talented actors and comedians – including Stephen Fry, John Cleese and Jeff Bridges – but here, today, is another mix.

Donald Trump Blog

Celebrity, star of ‘The Apprentice,’ and business mogul extraordinaire, Donald Trump is actually one of the last people I imagined would be blogging, and if someone asked me what he would write about I would hazard a guess at him boasting of business deals in block capitals.

This is not the case. Aside from the other writers (from Trump University!) on his blog, Trump himself posts some illuminating business advice such as Top Ten Tips for Success and Getting Motivated.

Politics! Stage anger! Over-dramatisation! Enter the slightly skewed (but on a scarier note, perhaps slightly necessary) world of Michael Moore, the guy behind Bowling for Columbine, Fahrenheit 9/11 and Sicko.

He makes salient points, but then continues to bash us over the head repeatedly with them while using finger puppets and loud noises to drive the point home. Are we that short on attention span these days?

Read his take on Lehman Brothers and why he thinks capitalism is an out-of-control beast “that has an insatiable desire to make money”.

John Cusack

US actor John Cusack may be better known for his roles in High Fidelity, Con Air and Grosse Point Blank, but with a mother who was both a mathematician and a political activist, Cusack has not fallen far from the tree with his sharp intelligence.

He blogs occasionally for the prestigious online publication The Huffington Post and has even interviewed the journalist, author and activist Naomi Klein. Cusack would make a fine political reporter.

WWdN: In Exile

You may remember Wil Wheaton as the geeky Wesley Crusher from ‘Star Trek: The Next Generation’. In real life, Wheaton is an author as well as a prolific blogger.

He has been blogging since 2001, so he well deserves the title “champion of geek culture,” and you know what? He enjoys a kind of celebrity through his blogging, talks, Twittering and so on.

By Marie Boran

Photo: Business mogul Donald Trump’s blog.