Blog Digest

3 Sep 2009

HERE we are, suddenly it seems, in autumn. The air is that much crisper and the mornings are generally cold and bright.

Iced Coffee

Iced Coffee, otherwise known as Phil O’Kane, is a Belfast-based photographer and his photoblog began way back in September 2005.

O’Kane has a clear love of nature and a flair for capturing its beauty. Just take a look at his close-up black and white photos of a cat or a bee busily collecting pollen.

These images are not cutesy or twee; they genuinely capture the essence of feline grace and poise, along with the intense concentration of a beehive at work, for instance. is baby photography by the talented Claire Wilson. The gallery is filled with inspiring black and white images of  newborns and young children.

No matter when these pictures are taken, regardless of the current fashion, they will always look timeless and certainly won’t embarrass your offspring when you drag the baby pictures out in years to come!

Wilson’s services extend to creating a black and white photobook of your baby’s pictures. The perfect gift for new parents in this busy technicolour world.

Glassey Alley

These pictures should be in a magazine. It almost seems as though seeing them on screen is not enough and you need to feel them beneath your hands to really take them in.

I have this childish way of expressing when things please me visually by saying: ‘it made my eyes go yum!’ This blog did that. Every picture is delicious.

The richness of colour, shading and textures in Ryan’s photographs make them a feast for the eyes and would inspire you to pick up a camera and get snapping yourself.


Kevoto is the blog of professional photographer Kevin Murphy. His pictures are a mix of images taken at events like the Indiependence Festival and some gorgeous ones, including ‘Drops and Swans’ – a beautiful juxtaposition of in-focus raindrops with blurry swan shapes in the background.

One common thread when looking at all these photoblogs is that a good photographer doesn’t simply reflect the world around him or her, they condense its beauty and intensify it.