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11 Nov 2009

We may be weary of using the “R” word, but the recession has forced us to become more cautious with our purchases. A few blogs are helping us navigate a leaner way of living. From shopping to eating out, home DIY and connecting up those who have been made redundant, we check out what’s on offer.

Aiming to be a resource for people interested in eating well in Ireland, while also getting bang for their buck, does exactly what it says on the tin. This blog has up-to-the-minute posts on current deals in various supermarkets, plus it has reviews on restaurants around the country.

There’s also a classifieds section, where restaurants can place ads about their offers. A ‘Have your Say’ section allows readers to post their grievances about rip-offs, while also pointing people to good deals. Worth a browse.

The Savvy Shopper

Sinead Van Kampen says she set up The Savvy Shopper so people could locate the best offers on lifestyle, beauty and fashion products all in one place.

While The Savvy Shopper’s beauty posts mainly cover the Dublin area, there are useful sections on ‘Designer sample sales’, posts on special offers and discounts from spas in Ireland and a ‘Savvy Living’ section. This site claims to have the “tips and tricks every Irish Recessionista should know!”, featuring posts on getting your hair cut, online shopping and charity shops.

Living:room Blog

Targeted at those who are thinking of buying, selling or extending their home, but who are cautious about doing so in the current climate, the Living:room blog was set up by architect Mary Carr.

Typical blog posts include ‘The DIY Energy Efficient Home’, while the post ‘It’s Not About Looks: Good Design Works’ gives tips on how to go about planning a room.

Visitors to the blog can also post questions on areas of concern, such as renovations, extending their premises and negotiating the current planning system.

Set up by Tom O’Mahoney this year after he was made redundant, aims to connect those who have become unemployed, helping to end their “social isolation”.

The main site has a forum section, which covers areas such as ‘Get Out of the House’, ‘Business Ideas & Networking’ and a ‘Sell/Swap/Barter’ area.

To support those who have lost their jobs, O’Mahoney’s blog also has insightful posts, such as ‘Balancing The Household Budget’ and ‘Monthly Savings’.

By Carmel Doyle

Photo: The blog.

Carmel Doyle was a long-time reporter with Silicon Republic