Blog Digest

28 Oct 2009

Despite the popularity of social-media sites such as Facebook and Twitter serving as a growing platform for businesses to promote their brand and services, blogging still remains a stalwart medium for small Irish firms. Here are a few companies who have embraced the blog as a way of reaching out to customers.

Learning Pool’s Blog

Learning Pool sees its blog as a way of sharing its thoughts on the public sector e-learning exchange. Named as a Rising Star in the Deloitte Fast 50, Learning Pool provides value with posts on topics including how to engage people in e-learning.

The real engagement comes with finding those participants in real life and this advice holds true for any technology firm looking to promote its business or service, with tips on how to run a launch party, distribute flyers, run competitions and have a technology evangelist at the helm.’s blog is where its vision is realised: this start-up’s value lies in showing consumers how to save money on everyday spending through independent research, expert reviews and relevant promotions.

From personal finance to family spending, lifestyle and entertainment on the cheap, is all about squeezing the most from your budget and catching special offers you might not have otherwise spotted.

The personal finance section is a recommended visit.

Nexus Technologies’ Blog

Nexus Technologies is a newly established IT consultancy business that specialises in IT infrastructure projects, virtualisation and cloud computing.

With many of us still in the dark as to what exactly virtualisation and cloud computing do and the business benefits that can be had, the Nexus blog aims to keep businesses abreast of these sectors, with advice, how-to’s and insight on various products. Blog

Speaking of using blogs and social media to capture your audience, this is what Irish start-up is all about, helping firms set up and maintain social-networking channels, with the aim of improving search engine optimisation, website traffic and brand recognition.

This blog is free to read and is a good starting point for a firm looking for ideas and advice on networking, both online through sites such as LinkedIn and face to face.

By Marie Boran

Photo: Learning Pool’s blog.