Britney Spears joins Rihanna on S&M remix

11 Apr 2011

Pop star Rihanna’s followers on Twitter may have had a hand in pop star Britney Spears joining her for a remix of the song S&M, which debuted this morning.

The remix (or RIHmix, as Rihanna put it), can be heard at

Spears joins in on the chorus and contributes a new second verse.

Rihanna had asked her 4.4m followers on Twitter earlier this month, “Who do you guys MOST wanna see me collaborate with on a song?” Spears was the overwhelming response.

Hours before the release of the S&M remix, Rihanna tweeted that Spears is “one of the biggest worldwide popstars! U gangsta #EPIC.”

Spears tweeted back, “You ain’t so bad yourself honey.”