Broadcaster RTE first to publish ABCe enhanced certificate

20 Aug 2009

RTE is to become the first Irish media owner to publish website visitor profile data together with its audited traffic data using an ABCe enhanced certificate.

The ABCe enhanced certificate will combine ABCe audited traffic information with visitor data collected through an on-site survey. The latter is designed to gather visitor demographics, lifestyle data and information on media usage, to help build a more comprehensive picture of a site’s audience.

While ABCe does not audit the results of the survey, it does ensure that the methodology behind it complies with industry agreed standards.

RTÉ’s enhanced certificate will include daily activity, unique users by country, and a breakdown of audience by age, gender and social grade and profile information for nine sections of the site, including News, Business, Sport, Weather, RTÉ Guide, RTÉ Aertel, Television and Radio.

“In today’s digital age it is absolutely vital that media owners can demonstrate the validity of their online properties by auditing traffic data to industry agreed standards,” said Richard Foan, managing director, ABCe. “The ABCe enhanced certificate takes this a step further, enabling additional information on site visitors to be provided alongside this audited information.”

He said that by combining web traffic audits with visitor profiling that is collected using an industry-agreed methodology, RTÉ will be able to present trusted data to existing and future advertisers and stakeholders.

“By aligning our audited traffic data with ABCe verified visitor profile information we deliver a powerful marketing tool that gives greater insight into the users of the site and allows us to confidently present this data to both advertisers and clients to help inform planning decisions,” said Lucy Campbell, marketing and circulation director at RTÉ.

By Grainne Rothery