Cantec to sell laptop
tracing software

12 Jul 2006

Stealth Shield, an Irish-based computer security company, is to make its tracing software available on DVD for sale through the Cantec chain of stores.

The product, ComputracePlus, is software which helps Gardai find stolen computers if they are subsequently connected to the internet. The software, which is suitable for business or home users, is packaged on a DVD and retails for €69.99.

According to Stealth Shield, computer theft, especially of laptops, is a growing problem in Ireland. “Considering a laptop is often an individual’s most prized possession it seems sensible to secure it,” said James Kavanagh, sales director of Stealth Shield. “You wouldn’t leave home in your car without insurance and you certainly shouldn’t buy a computer that isn’t able to be traced if it is stolen. The software simply sits on the laptop, undetectable, and when you report it stolen it is tracked over the internet.”

By law, Gardai must attempt to retrieve the laptop once they have been notified that it has been stolen. “In our experience you’ll have your laptop back within 60 days,” Kavanagh added. The software is on sale through Cantec Computer Stores’ five retail outlets in Athlone, Carlow, Cavan, Maynooth and Navan.

By Gordon Smith