Carbon calculator for the Irish household

3 Jan 2008

The new year brings new resolutions and most people will be attempting to go greener by reducing their carbon footprint. Individuals can now head to Repak’s website and easily calculate the amount of carbon dioxide they generate by using the Repak Household Carbon Footprint Calculator.

Launched yesterday and available at, this is the first online carbon calculator specifically tailored to the Irish public.

After an individual enters details about the type of house they live in, when it was built, what heating system it has as well as details of energy consumption from gas and electricity bills, the calculator gives recommendations on how changing light bulbs, insulation and heating will improve their output of carbon dioxide.

“This well researched tool helps people to actually realise the extent of their carbon footprint, and in particular compare this to the average Irish household,” said Andrew Hetherington, CEO of Repak.

“One of the best aspects of the calculator is that it gives each household suggestions and tips on practical ways in which they can reduce their carbon footprint.”

“Recycling is one way in which people can have a serious impact on carbon emissions and our overall environmental footprint by lowering our primary resource use.”

Household energy consumption is not the only way we generate our carbon footprint. The transport we take to work and how often we fly also contributes. The Repak Carbon Calculator also gives a monthly breakdown of carbon emissions for these areas.

While the Household Carbon Calculator is currently the only one available, Repak is working on specific ones for schools and businesses to be released early next year.

By Marie Boran