CBS brings television to the iPhone

2 Mar 2009

iPhone applications are increasing in sophistication, with CBS bringing out a TV app, while Promptu Systems has created a voice-to-text app.

The new CBS app allows iPhone and iPod users to view full episodes of select CBS shows and other programmes via Wi-Fi or 3G mobile networks.

The application offers a selection of such shows as CBS News, episodes of The Late Show with Dave Letterman, CBS Sports, The Young and the Restless and 90210.

The CBS app joins other TV apps beginning to make an appearance on the smallest screen, including the BBC iPlayer app ,which provides free content streams and Joost.

In another development, Promptu Systems has introduced the ShoutOUT app, which lets users dictate their text messages in natural language, instead of typing on the iPhone’s touchscreen keypad, check the transcribed messages for errors and make corrections if necessary, and then send the SMS on to their intended recipients.

“Today it’s voice-to-SMS; tomorrow will be voice to any text application on the phone,” said Giuseppe Staffaroni, Promptu’s CEO.

“Tweets to Twitter, email, Facebook status, calendar events, reminders – our technology is a perfect match. And, because it’s server-based, and 100pc automated – no humans behind the scenes – it is scalable to millions of users,” Staffaroni said.

By John Kennedy

Pictured: Barack Obama on The Late Show with Dave Letterman, just one of the programmes offered on CBS’s iPhone application