CEOs flush with smart phones

17 Jul 2007

If you feel intimidated by your boss you could always picture them on the toilet, or in their underwear. There’s probably no need to use your imagination if a recent survey is anything to go by.

Although video conferencing is easy to use and widely available with the growing number of PDA and smart phone users, 44pc of CEOs said that were relunctant to take part.

Why? Because they were still in their pyjamas while working from home.

A whopping 51pc of smart phone users said they have participated in a conference call in their bathrobe, or even underwear.

Even more bizarre habits were revealed across the 2,200 business managers surveyed across the UK, US and Australia. Smart phone users were found to be twice as likely to take a call while on the toilet as users of a traditional mobile phone.

Bad habits were not only confined to the house. Some 63pc of CEOs said that they have sent sneaky emails under the desk from their PDA or smart phone while in a business meeting.

Places of worship posed no barrier to these hyper connected SMEs either. Twice as many smart phone users admitted to checking for new emails or texts while attending a wedding or funeral.

“Multiple communication technologies can result in too many messages in too many places. It can be a virtual chaos,” said Ian Groves, director of unified communications applications for EMEA, Avaya.

By Marie Boran