China denies blocking Gmail

23 Mar 2011

The Chinese government yesterday denied Google’s claims that it has caused any disruption to Google’s Gmail service.

At a news conference, Jiang Yu, a Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman, told Reuters, “This is an unacceptable accusation.”

Reuters also revealed that Yu refused to comment further on Google’s Gmail problems.

Google announced on Monday that users in China had complained they were unable to send emails or access their address books on their Gmail accounts. Google insisted that the government was responsible for the problem and that it was not caused by Google.

“There is no technical issue on our side. We have checked extensively,” said a Google spokesperson. “This is a government blockage carefully designed to look like the problem is with Gmail.”

Since 2010, Google and China’s communist government have disagreed on numerous online issues relating to search engine censorship, outages and blocked mobile and web products from Google.