Cisco creates an apps store for its Cius tablet computer

29 Jun 2011

Communications technology giant Cisco has unveiled AppHQ, an app ecosystem built specifically for its Android-based Cius tablet computer which enables unified communications in the workplace.

The Cisco Cius is scheduled for global availability on 31 July. The estimated street price is less than US$750 and Cisco has made available a new promotion called “Triple V” (for voice, video and virtualisation) that could enable further price reductions below US$700. Basic access to Cisco AppHQ is included with every Cisco Cius device.

Cisco says that with its Cius tablet, computers organisations can now deliver an optimised tablet with enterprise-grade security as a natural extension of the enterprise network.

Companies can create private, custom-branded application storefronts for their organisations where employees can find, publish and procure applications that complement their business environments. 

“Cisco is the No 1 provider worldwide of telepresence and telephony endpoints, and with the Cisco Cius tablet and AppHQ ecosystem, Cisco is extending its leadership in networked collaboration to the mobile form factor in a highly secure and controlled way,” explained Barry O’Sullivan, senior vice-president, Communications and Collaboration Group, Cisco.

“Our customers’ positive response to Cius reflects how technology can change not only when and how we work, but also the way IT will deliver collaborative services to employees, and do so in a way that meets the needs of end users and developers and IT managers.”

Capabilities of AppHQ include:

  • Testing and validation: IT managers want to know that applications deployed in their environment are appropriate for the enterprise.
  • Store-within-a-store: Enterprises will have a Cisco-hosted, highly secure and private application store within AppHQ. Businesses can customise the storefront, following their corporate branding guidelines, including use of logos, icons and colour schemes.
  • Empowers IT management: With AppHQ Manager, IT will have the ability to allow (or deny) access to application marketplaces by user role or device and to grant (or deny) access to applications by type, source or category.

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years