Conan unveils Batman-esque ‘sneak preview’ of Christian Bale as Steve Jobs

17 Oct 2014

Actor Christian Bale

With rumours abounding that Christian Bale will land the leading role in a new attempt to bring the life of Steve Jobs to the big screen, US chat-show host Conan O’Brien has offered a glimpse of the actor in the role.

In a distinctly Batman-esque production, Bale as Jobs muses on choosing an Apple as his company’s brand, launches the iPhone, and goes head-to-head with a rather burly ‘Bill Gates’ of Microsoft. Scroll down to see the clip, which originally aired on O’Brien’s talk show Conan last night.

Of course, we’ve already had the biopic Jobs, and with that movie released just last year, it begs the question: Do we really need another big-screen depiction of the co-founder and former CEO of Apple?

Jobs, however, received mostly negative write-ups, with review aggregator website Rotten Tomatoes dubbing the project “an ambitious but skin-deep portrait of an influential, complex figure” with “the feel of an over-sentimentalised made-for-TV biopic”. 

With a script written by Aaron Sorkin, who penned the brilliant rise-and-rise of Facebook in The Social Network, and Slumdog Millionaire director Danny Boyle set to helm, the latest yet-to-be-titled Jobs film might be worthy.

Watch Sneak Preview: Christian Bale As Steve Jobs here:

Christian Bale image via Shutterstock

Dean Van Nguyen was a contributor to Silicon Republic