Cork couple to broadcast baby’s birth on YouTube

4 Sep 2012

A still from the opening credits of The Saccone Jolys

A Cork-based couple is letting the world witness the birth of their first child via YouTube.

Anna Saccone (24) and Jonathan Joly (32), the stars of their own daily reality show on YouTube, The Saccone Jolys, have previously broadcast their engagement and wedding on the video-sharing site. Their nuptials attracted 120,000 hits.

Their first child – a daughter they have already named Emilia – was due yesterday, and Joly told the Cork News they are expecting the baby “any day or any hour” now.  

Joly also explained that Saccone’s obstetrician and management at Cork University Maternity Hospital, where the baby is to be born, have permitted him to film the birth. The couple have a private room.

Using a hand-held camera, Joly added he will film the labour, as well, if there are no complications.

Most people are in favour of broadcasting the labour online, with a 94pc approval rating on the couple’s YouTube show, said Joly.

The Saccone Jolys, described on YouTube as “a daily web show about the life of Jonathan Joly, Anna Saccone and their Maltese puppies Albi and Sina” airs on YouTube at 6pm GMT.

At time of writing, baby had yet to arrive. Saccone even posted a message on her Twitter account last night:


Tina Costanza was a journalist and sub-editor at Silicon Republic