Court orders man to tweet 100 apologies

2 Jun 2011

A social activist in Malaysia was ordered to tweet 100 apologies to a magazine publisher after he claimed over Twitter that his pregnant friend was treated badly while working for them.

According to The Next Web, Fahmi Fadzil had already apologised to BluInc Media a few hours after the claim, however, the magazine had already contacted its lawyers.

The defamation case resulted in the court ordering Fadzil to apologise 100 times over three days on Twitter.

“I’ve DEFAMED Blu Inc Media & Female Magazine. My tweets on their HR Policies are untrue. I retract those words & hereby apologize,” reads each tweet. Fadzil has numbered every tweet and, at the time of writing, he was on his 23rd apology.

Fadzil managed to avoid a heavy fine due to the result of this case and it is not clear if he is forced to physically type each apology tweet individually.