Dad shoots daughter’s laptop after Facebook rant

10 Feb 2012

Dad Tommy Jordan, in his 'Facebook Parenting for the Troubled Teen' video

A dad in the US state of North Carolina shot his daughter’s laptop computer nine times and posted a video of the shootout on YouTube after she ranted about her parents on Facebook.

Not only that, but Tommy Jordan also posted the video on his daughter’s Facebook page for all her friends to see.

What sparked the move was 15-year-old Hannah’s Facebook post about her parents, which she titled “Dear Parents”.

“I am not your damn slave,” Hannah wrote, bemoaning life at school, unpaid household chores and nagging about getting a job. She even stated that her folks shouldn’t count on her when they are elderly, as she won’t be there.

Before posting her rant on Facebook, Hannah filtered her privacy settings to prevent her parents from seeing the post.

However, Tommy – who works in IT – found Hannah’s post, anyway. His video response, ‘Facebook Parenting for the Troubled Teen’, has drawn 1,468,240 views on YouTube at time of writing.

In the video, Tommy reads Hannah’s rant while sitting in a lawn chair and puffing on a cigarette. He argues her logic and says, “Kid, you’ve got it easy, way easy,” and proceeds to fire nine bullets into Hannah’s laptop – one being from Mom.

Watch ‘Facebook Parenting for the Troubled Teen’ here: