Deliveroo will start to deliver booze in Ireland

19 Jul 2016

Deliveroo, the restaurant food delivery service, has announced it will expand into delivering alcohol to customers having agreed a deal with three retailers.

It has been quite the successful first year for Deliveroo in Ireland having already expanded to the country’s major urban areas and, in May, announcing it would start delivering breakfasts to people, too.

Now, in what is sure to go down well in the Irish market, Deliveroo has revealed it will begin a gradual roll-out of an alcohol delivery service, starting with Dublin.

While alcohol has been available to order through the service for some time, this marks the first attempt at selling alcohol as a standalone item.

Three companies in the capital have signed up to begin selling beers and wines online: Baggot Street Wines, Fresh The Good Food Market and Galway Bay Brewery.

Deliveroo menu

An example of the beer menu from Galway Bay Brewery, via

Demand was strong after trial run

Customers looking to order beer or wine can order it in the same way they would food, selecting multipacks of beer or, in some cases, beer with options for food as well.

Promising to deliver it within 20 minutes, a spokesperson for Deliveroo confirmed that it will adhere to Irish licensing laws, which will mean no alcohol can be ordered after 10pm.

Ireland joins the UK today (19 July) in launching an alcohol delivery service after a trial of standalone alcohol merchants on the platform in spring 2016 found a strong consumer demand.

Managing director of Baggot Street Wines, Garret Connolly, said of the new service: “Deliveroo offers us a really simple and effective way to deliver our excellent craft beers and wines to our local customer base. Before using Deliveroo we were unable to offer an on-demand delivery service and, like many independent merchants, we didn’t have the resources or manpower to make it happen.”

This booze delivery service has a lot to live up to, however, knowing that in some parts of the world, it is delivered like this.

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Colm Gorey was a senior journalist with Silicon Republic