Dell crafts razor-thin Adamo XPS

10 Sep 2009

A tantalising peek of a beautiful brushed aluminium laptop that looks impossibly thin. This is all Dell will tell us about the latest addition to the Adamo range.

That is all, except that it is 9.99mm thick. This makes it thinner than Apple’s MacBook Air, which claims to be the thinnest laptop on the market.

At its thinnest, the Air is only 4mm but the majority of its body is around the 19.3mm mark.

Dell’s Adamo line already had its first release with the Onyx and Pearl back in March – also super-thin and very stylish looking, these notebooks look positively Stone Age already in comparison to the new arrival.

We don’t know exactly what to expect from the new Adamo but we’re excited!

Keep your eyes peeled at the official teaser site.

Photo: The lithe Dell Air Adamo XPS.

By Marie Boran, via