Dell marks Earth Day with green tech tips

22 Apr 2008

Dell is celebrating Earth Day today by reminding owners of small and medium businesses that turning over to green practices need not be expensive, and in fact will be an exercise in cost-cutting.

With rising energy costs and the increasing pressure for businesses and individuals to limit their carbon footprint, Monique Bonner, head of small and medium business for Dell Ireland, said that hopefully Dell’s pledge to become the greenest tech firm on the plant would spur customers on to follow in its footsteps.

As part of its green promise, Dell recently announced that its entire 2.1 million sq ft global headquarters in Austin, Texas runs entirely on green power coming from wind farms and waste-to-energy conversion.

Energy-saving and environmentally conscious tech tips which Dell offers its business customers include remotely switching PCs on and off, printing on both sides of paper and flexible working with a combination of ‘hot desks’ and home working to cut down on the amount of office space needed.

“The good news is that if correctly implemented, these practices can lead to significant cost savings and increased profitability. As such, embracing environmentally responsible practices often makes smart business sense,” said Bonner.

“But being environmentally smart in the office extends beyond switching to energy-efficient light-bulbs and turning off heating when it is not in use.

“Knowing where to begin to reduce carbon footprint can be daunting, particularly for small businesses, so Dell has put together some easy-to-implement top tips to help.”

By Marie Boran