Dib dib dib — Irish scouts take to podcasting

21 Dec 2005

A podcasting station established by a group of Irish boy scouts has rated No 68 in the top 100 iTunes Podcasts.

During the summer of 2004, Justin Dawson, life-long scout and scoutmaster, spent some time in California, where he visited the Boy Scouts of America camps.

During his time in the US, he was amazed by the interest that American scouts had on oversea’s scouting. Dawson realised that an internet radio station could provide scouts with the knowledge of scouting overseas and established www.scoutingradio.com.

Dawson got support from hosting firm Novara.ie and has since succeeded in attracting the ears of scouts from around the world.

Because the scouting station is one of a kind, Dawson’s Scoutingradio.com Christmas Message World Wide podcast shot up to No 68 in the top 100 iTunes Podcasts.

“Scouting Radio is a good example of the positive uses of the internet that Novara is proud to support,” explained Novara.ie’s managing director Eoin Costello. “Scouting Radio harnesses the internet to its best use, that of communication to an international audience. We will be working with scouting radio to expand their reach in 2006.”

By John Kennedy