Digital enthusiasts to Cong-gregate in west of Ireland village

24 Nov 2014

Eoin Kennedy, founder, Congregation

At the end of a week in which Ireland starts tackling the urban-rural digital divide to foster rural technological ambitions, a village on the border of Mayo and Galway will be the crossroads of digital debate on Irish shores.

Later this week, on Saturday 29 November, more than 50 Irish social media thought leaders will present discourse on a wide variety of topics from creativity, creating content, crisis management, building communities and hints/tips in using social and digital technology. 

Attendees range from business owners, academics, consultants, marketers and the curious. The event will use a variety of venues in the village including coffee shops, exhibition spaces, restaurants and bars.

This is the second year of Congregation, the brainchild of Eoin Kennedy, and it models itself on the idea of the un-conference.

“Most events of this type take place in major urban locations and large conference centres,” Kennedy said. “Congregation also aims to show that rural locations can run sustainable events without the need for large infrastructure.”

The eBook from last year is available as a download.

To qualify to attend the event, attendees need to first present blog papers of at least 600 words in length.

On the day groups of 10 people will gather at each of the six venues with three people speaking at each until everyone has presented their thoughts and ideas. Groups rotate four times during the day to different venues to ensure attendees all connect with each other.

“This year we have attendees coming from as far away as Italy and some world renowned speakers but the focus is to give a platform to people who have something of value to share with others. Presentations are designed to be very informal as people cluster around tables in each of the locations,” Kennedy added.

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years