Digital media is child’s play

10 Aug 2006

Dublin’s Digital Hub is showing how the tech sector can impact positively on education and the social environment, according to Dr Stephen Brennan, director of marketing with the Digital Hub Development Agency.

The Thomas Street-based initiative, which houses digital media companies, has been instrumental in getting local children involved in the digital media sphere. It recently showcased a selection of five-minute digital media films by children from the surrounding area. The children scripted, produced and featured in the films themselves.

Speaking at the launch of the showcase, Brennan said: “Children living in the vicinity of the Digital Hub are now among the most proficient in the country in the application of digital media technology. We are confident that the skills they have developed through the Digital Hub’s learning programmes will leave them well placed to take advantage of the high-value jobs that will come on-stream in the project over the next five years. This will have a very positive impact on their communities.”

Since 2002, the Digital Hub has been working with 16 local schools, as well as homework clubs and summer projects, to deliver digital media learning to children.

Brennan believes the children taking part in these programmes will be the next generation of digital media entrepreneurs, researchers and employees working in the Digital Hub.

“In all of our learning programmes we have paid particular attention to delivering content that is relevant to the evolving digital media enterprise cluster at the Digital Hub. Animation, pod-casting, film production, photography and even mobile games have featured in our learning.”

Diageo Ireland and Adobe have offered industry support to the project.

“There is a real trade off for the digital media industry in supporting our learning programmes,” said Brennan. “Proficiency in digital media technology at an early age provides young people with the skills, motivation and focus to study and work in the sector, thereby providing an important skills pool from which the industry can benefit over the coming years.”

The showcase will run in the Auditorium of the Digital Exchange, Crane Street, Dublin until this Saturday.

By Niall Byrne