Directory enquiry firm yields 5pc of total market

5 Mar 2007

The 11890 directory enquiries service has revealed that after an aggressive push it is half way towards achieving its target of 10pc of the lucrative €70m directory enquiries market.

The company recently kicked off its €2.5m ‘March Madness’ campaign of free directory enquiries for a month and has resulted in a 200pc increase in call ratios.

Call 11890 Ltd said this morning that it estimates the campaign has resulted in the company growing market share between 3pc and 5pc.

The company’s managing director Nicola Byrne said she was confident it would hit its target of 10pc market share this year.

This will result in the company growing turnover from €2m to an estimated €7m by year’s end.

She said the market for directory enquiries in Ireland has been stifled by the lack of competition.

“Once this initiative is over our 26pc cheaper from landline proposition will continue to offer customers prices ranging between 26pc and 35pc cheaper then 11811 and 11850 respectively,” Byrne said.

A recruitment campaign launched last October resulted in the company hiring 70 employees in Cork and Dublin. Call 11890 Ltd aims to create a further 80 jobs over the next 18 months.

It is also investigating the possibility of opening a third call centre in Cork this year.

By John Kennedy