Your keyboard is absolutely disgusting (infographic)

24 Nov 2015

Face it, your keyboard is gross. You sit in front of it every day, eating over it, typing with your grubby, stinky fingers, and you never clean it.

When I was younger I remember someone explaining to me that loose change is the dirtiest thing around, given that so many people handle coins throughout the day.

You go to a shop, pay for something, with coins, get coins back that someone else paid with, that the shopkeeper handled, that rested in a filthy cash register.

But you don’t care, you put the change in your pocket – hardly the cleanest part of your attire – safe in the knowledge that the cycle will continue later in the day.

I saw a similar scenario unfold on an advert for some form of mythical-creature-inspired washing-up liquid, with the kitchen cloth home to a stupendous amount of bacteria.

Dirty keyboards, dirty keyboards everywhere

But I’ll go one step further and say that the keyboard you are (probably) sitting in front of right now is the filthiest thing you will touch today.

Filthier than your phone, your gloves, maybe even your dog.

As Quill explains in this infographic, keyboards can harbour 3,000 organisms in every square inch, meaning that making keyboard cleaning part of your routine is a real must.

You can even do it with silly putty, it seems!

Dirty KeyboardDirty workspace image via Shutterstock


Gordon Hunt was a journalist with Silicon Republic