Disgruntled PayPal customer breaks into UK Twitter account

6 Jul 2011

An angry customer broke into PayPal’s UK Twitter account last night, who used it to tweet complaints about the money service.

According to The Guardian, the unidentified person broke into the Twitter account complaining that his or her PayPal account was frozen.

The hacker also posted links to paypalsucks.com, an anti-PayPal site, but did not specify if he or she was linked with the website.

A spokesperson for PayPal emphasised that only the Twitter account was breached and that customer information or financial details were not affected.

Twitter suspended the PayPal account last night. It has since returned back under PayPal’s control.

This is the second major Twitter account breach this week. Previously, a group broke into Fox News’ political Twitter account, tweeting fake news claiming US President Barack Obama had been assassinated.