DIT iPhone app tops the free education download chart

5 Oct 2010

DIT’s iPhone application about college life is the No 1 free education download on the Apple App Store, ahead of the New York Museum of Modern Art app.

The app was launched in early September in order to help new students integrate themselves with college life.

“Getting comfortable with college and getting involved in campus life are really important aspects of the student experience,” said Brian Norton, president of DIT, at the time of its release.

The app gives students access to information on the college and its programmes, along with email access, library and online learning systems.

This was part of a social media induction programme for new students. The project included a Facebook page, that helps students find their way around campus and lets them contact fellow students before the term starts.

It also included a satirical movie trailer, which shows college life from a student’s perspective, created by current DIT students and DIT alumni.