DotMobi chief executive steps down

14 Sep 2007

Neil Edwards, the founder of the Dublin-based industry-backed dotMobi mobile domain name body, is stepping down from the helm of the organisation.

The organisation responsible for the domain dotMobi is backed by a consortium of tech industry giants including Microsoft, HP, Vodafone, 3, the GSM Association, Orange, Nokia, Samsung and Sun.

Edwards, who developed dotMobi from a fledgling concern to an essential part of the mobile industry’s fabric, is understood to be moving back home to the States to pursue opportunities closer to his family.

He will be replaced in the CEO role by internet and technology veteran Trey Harvin, who previously held senior roles at internet firm VeriSign.

Since opening for business over a year ago in excess of 700,000 mobile domain names have been registered by prominent brand names like BMW, The Sun newspaper, Google, Paramount, Ferrari and Disney.

At present there are over 3 million indexed pages of dotMobi content currently available on the mobile internet.

“With this strong foundation, dotMobi is entering a new and exciting growth phase,” Harvin explained.

“In the next two quarters we will focus on growing mobile services for the development community and the enterprise with the launch of key products such as our device database and search services,” Harvin added.

By John Kennedy