Download issues take away from Branson’s Project launch

30 Nov 2010

Richard Branson’s online magazine exclusive to the iPad – Project – was launched today, but while Branson might have beaten Rupert Murdoch with the release of his product, there are apparently some issues affecting downloads of the digital magazine.

Project, which is available as a free app through the App Store and can be purchased at an introductory price of £1.79, has an interactive cover and features Jeff Bridges – star of the eagerly awaited Tron: Legacy.

However, economics and digital content website PaidContent says Project “frustrates with complexity” and claims the future of publishing is “messy” if Project is anything to go by, while it takes two-and-a-half hours to download.

Syncing with the iPad

The website cites difficulties with the installation as the main difficulty with Project and syncing it with the iPad’s software was troublesome.

Project covers a range of topics: culture, entertainment, design, business and travel, but warns discretion because of “profane, mildly violent, mildly sexual content, with crude humour and suggestive themes”, and carries an over-17 age limit for those wishing to download the digital production.

Both Virgin and News Corpwith the assistance of Apple CEO Steve Jobs – were competing to release their custom-built iPad publications first.