Drivia aims to keep drivers awake with trivia

24 Nov 2011

A new mobile app called Drivia aims to help drivers stay awake on the road with a voice-based trivia game to keep their minds active.

The idea for the app came to the two co-founders of Drivia on separate occasions. Eldad Ben Tora almost hit a car in the opposite lane after he started to doze off at the wheel, bringing to light the dangers of driver’s fatigue.

Assaf Mayer Yitzhaki, the other Drivia co-founder, solidified the idea while travelling across Australia on a nine-hour bus trip. He noticed the driver used radio songs as a trivia game to keep himself awake and his passengers entertained.

Drivia lets drivers play trivia games with their smartphones without having to take their eyes off the road or hands off the wheel.

It engages the driver by offering several different categories for trivia questions. It then asks them multiple choice trivia questions and the driver can answer them with their voice.

The app includes pre-recorded messages based on the driver’s response and changes its alert messages or makes them louder if the driver’s response becomes slower.

Drivia is available now for iOS devices, with Android and Windows Phone versions to follow.