Dubai Airport in world’s first 8K 360-degree video

13 Jun 2015

Dubai Airport, one of the world's busiest with 1,000 planes landing daily, was capturing in a mesmerising 360-degree 8K time lapse video

The mesmerising sight of planes landing and taking off at Dubai Airport is the subject of the first 8K resolution 360-degree interactive video ever made for public viewing.

The 24-hour time-lapse video of one of the world’s busiest international airports was created by Dubai 360, which has also created an interactive 360-tour of Dubai city.

The YouTube video below gives you the ability to look around you in 360-degrees – to see to the original 360-degree 8K video gclick here.

Dubai Airport is a major hub for long-haul flights, with more than 71m passengers streaming through its terminals in 2015.

A typical day sees more than 1,000 flights land and take off.

This impressive video was shot over a 24-hour period using 88,000 individual shots.

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