Dublin Contemporary 2011 app guides users through exhibition

17 Oct 2011

The Dublin Contemporary 2011 has launched an Android and iOS app which informs people about the international art exhibition.

The app gives detailed insights on the exhibition by offering information on the 114 artists exhibiting, venues and an interactive artist guide to use while browsing the exhibition.

Users can plan their visits with the venue tab, which gives them information on opening times and an online map.

The app also integrates with the Dublin Contemporary’s street art elements, with its ‘Snap and Tweet’ system designed by Mobimage which encourages people to tweet photos of the artwork.

Snap and Tweet uses image recognition software to detect the artwork within the pictures and tweet back relevant information, text and links to the user. It also lets users like, share or comment on artworks.

The Dublin Contemporary 2011 app is available for iOS and Android devices.