Dublin start-up Viddyad in breakthrough video ads deal with Getty Images

24 Sep 2013

Viddyad CEO Grainne Barron

Dublin-headquartered video advertising platform Viddyad has struck a deal with imagery giant Getty Images that will enable small businesses around the world to create their own video ads online within a minute.

Viddyad CEO Grainne Barron said the deal is an innovative move that will shake up the fast-growing video advertising market as Getty will be able to open new markets to the SMEs who may not have known what to do with stock video before this point.

Small firms will be able to promote themselves on blogs, websites or on video screens at marketing events. Already, small companies from around the globe have started creating video ads online to use as part of their Google AdWords campaign or general advertising.

“Viddyad is democratising online video advertising for small and medium-sized businesses,” said Barron.

“Our video ads are free to create and free to share – you only pay when you want to remove the watermark, download and use in a campaign. That means SMBs can now have their own professional video ads for online marketing and promotions for a tiny fraction of traditional costs,” she added.

25pc of all online videos viewed are ads

Almost 25pc of all online videos viewed are now ads, according to comScore. In 2012, online video ad volume grew 46pc, a rate that is continuing throughout 2013.

With Viddyad, small and medium-sized businesses can tap into this market to promote their companies and products with professional video ads, and generate leads for their sales pipelines.

Using Viddyad, business owners simply pick the content they want, add text, music and their logo and the video ad is automatically created in seconds.

“Everything is automated so no experience is required. By giving our customers access to Getty Images’ vast library of handpicked video clips and images, they know their video ads will always look professional. You can also upload your own content to add a personal twist,” said Barron. 

Viddyad saw a gap in the market for an easy-to-use online video ad-creation tool. While developing the technology platform to solve this issue, the Viddyad team also built in access to premium content provided by Getty Images and a social media distribution tool, to create a one-stop shop for online video advertising.

“We’ve taken away the complexity, the risk and the time by building a video ad-creation tool that outputs professional video ads in minutes. It’s a fast, easy, low-cost way of promoting your business with video. Best of all, it’s all free to try for any business, which means there’s no risk,” Barron said.

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