Dutch are biggest Twitter, LinkedIn users

27 Apr 2011

The Dutch social networking market continues to grow and the Netherlands ranks No 1 worldwide in terms of penetration for both Twitter and LinkedIn, new research from comScore suggests.

Some 26.1pc of Dutch internet users visit LinkedIn each month, while 26.8pc are monthly Twitter visitors. Interestingly, Ireland is second in the world for LinkedIn penetration, with 21pc of internet uses going to the site each month.

“The social networking market in the Netherlands is really quite unique and full of interesting storylines,” said Mike Read, SVP and managing director of comScore Europe.

“It is one of the few markets remaining where a local social networking player (Hyves) continues to lead Facebook, but that lead is becoming increasingly tenuous. Another interesting facet to this market is that the Netherlands has the highest internet penetration worldwide for two of the other key global social networking sites, Twitter and LinkedIn. The Netherlands is in many ways a nexus of global social networking behaviour.”

Despite the overall maturity of the internet market in the Netherlands, the social networking category continues to advance, growing 18pc to 11.5m visitors in March 2011 (representing 96pc of the online population).

Hyves continues to hold the top position among social networking sites in the market, with more than 7.6m visitors in March, but Facebook is quickly gaining ground, having increased by 76pc in the past year to nearly 6.6m visitors.

Twitter.com and LinkedIn.com rank third and fourth, respectively, with more than 3m visitors and each growing about 70pc in the past year.

Article courtesy of Businessandleadership.com