DVDs are No 1 gift this Christmas

19 Dec 2007

The DVD has emerged as the Christmas present of choice across Europe this year, according to 78pc of consumers. This is up from 68pc of consumers a year ago.

According to a survey by Digital Entertainment Group Europe, 63pc of consumers said they know that a DVD is a present friends and family would like and 59pc will be buying them because they featured on their own wish list.

Of the DVDs purchased by consumers this Christmas, the majority of those (82pc) will be purchased in standard definition (SD); however, some (9pc) will be embracing next-generation DVDs such as Blu-ray and HD DVD formats.

The survey has revealed that in 2008 high-definition (HD) will be embraced more aggressively than ever with 54pc of those questioned planning to move to HD, 39pc of which within the next six months.

“It is extremely encouraging to see that the DVD format continues to hold its own this Christmas as a gift of choice,” said Yves Caillaud, senior vice-president of Warner Home Video EMEA.

“Furthermore, it is exciting to see consumers gaining confidence and understanding of the possibilities in the next generation of home entertainment.

“The survey suggests that 2008 is set to be an interesting year for HD,” Caillaud added.

By John Kennedy