Egypt’s internet connection is restored, reports say

2 Feb 2011

Reports are emerging that the internet has been restored in Egypt, after days of an online blackout due to protests against its president.

A number of tweets from people in Egypt have appeared, saying they have access to the internet again.

Other tweets have stated that mobile services have returned, as well. However, social networks still appear to be blocked. Reports say Twitter is still blocked, but users are bypassing this using proxy services to tweet the news.

The Wall Street Journal reports that the government restored the internet in order to attempt to bring normalcy back to the country. The army called for protesters to “go back home” in order to bring about stability to Egypt.

Egypt cut off its internet connections ahead of protests against President Hosni Mubarak.

Mubarak has ruled in Egypt for 30 years but these protests began after citizens were encouraged by the revolt in Tunisia, which led to the downfall of its authoritarian leader.

Activists had been using social networks as a means for communication and organisation. Pages were set up on Facebook to inform people where protesters were gathering.