Eir Mobile reveals unlimited data plan for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

22 Jun 2016

Eir Mobile and Meteor have revealed a new unlimited package for social media users

The mobile/social wars have begun, with Meteor and Eir Mobile making data access to Facebook, Instagram and Twitter unlimited for users.

In a move that will no doubt appeal to teenagers, Eir has revealed a new data plan that makes access to the top three social media sites unlimited without eating into users’ data allowance.

Why Eir has decided to omit the obvious Snapchat, which is hugely popular among teens, in this new plan is not apparent, but, according to Eir’s own network data, Facebook is the most popular social network, followed by Twitter, a close second, and Instagram, which is becoming increasingly popular.

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The move comes after Eir began offering free EU-wide roaming to all of its users in March, more than a year ahead of the mandatory June 2017 EU deadline.

The new unlimited mobile social plan is available to all new customers as well as existing Meteor bill-pay and prepay customers and Eir Mobile bill-pay customers with 4G plans starting at €20.

Users will also be able to get an additional 15GB of data for €20 as long as they top up.

The offer kicks in from today (22 June).

“We know people love data so we’re giving them more, for free, which will be applied across the three most popular social sites: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram,” said Maeve O’Malley, director of Eir Mobile and Meteor.

“Simply put, customers will receive unlimited usage of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram without eating into any of their data allowance.”

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John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years