Every iOS device has downloaded more than 60 apps – research

17 Jan 2011

An industry analyst has estimated that, based on the fact that the iTunes App Store will soon hit 10bn downloads, each iOS device sold has more than 60 apps downloaded to it.

This is up from 10 apps for each iOS device in 2008.

According to an analyst at Asymco, apps downloads should surpass music downloads on the iTunes Store by March.

The analyst also points out that apps downloads, assuming that they hit the 10bn mark this month, will have hit this milestone in less than half the time it took songs downloads to do so. Apps will have done it in 31 months compared to music downloads achieving this goal in 67 months.

The analyst also used the data to determine there are 30m app downloads on the iTunes store per day and this figure is growing.

Apple has recently released a counter, tallying the amount of app downloads currently occurring on the iTunes App Store, noting that it is about to hit 10bn.

At the time of writing, the figure was just over 9.85bn app downloads.

The lucky customer who makes the 10 billionth download will receive a US$10,000 voucher for the iTunes app store.