Facebook agrees to pull online gambling ads in the Netherlands

28 May 2013

Image via pedrosala/Shutterstock

In compliance with the Dutch Betting and Gaming Act, Facebook users in the Netherlands will no longer see ads for online gambling when visiting the social network.

Dutch legislation does not currently regulate the online gambling market, meaning online games of this nature are technically illegal in the Netherlands. Since the Betting and Gaming Act doesn’t allow media sites to encourage illegal gambling, Facebook has agreed not to target Dutch users with online gambling ads.

Paul Tang, spokesperson for the Dutch Gaming Authority (Kansspelautoriteit), said the removal of these ads is an important step in tackling illegal gambling, as well as discouraging young people from picking up the habit. “Facebook is a low-threshold social network with easy access to youngsters. By taking this step, the organisation is showing it takes its social responsibilities seriously.”

The Dutch block on online gambling advertising may be short-lived, however, as the legislation is set to change in 2015, laying out the conditions under which online gambling will be permitted in the Netherlands.

Online gambling image via pedrosala/Shutterstock

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