Facebook app Bang With Friends reaches 10,000 pairings, 30,000 downloads and criticism

5 Feb 2013

It’s only been out a week, but already controversial Facebook app Bang With Friends has paired up 10,000 couples and plans are in the works for a mobile app and an update for LGBT matching, the app’s creators say.

Bang With Friends is an app created by three college students, who are opting to remain anonymous. The app basically involves pairing up Facebook friends who are interested in being physically more than friends.

Despite Bang With Friends having seen a reported average of five users per minute and about 30,000 downloads thus far, the app has its critics, as well.

One retired archbishop in the Philippines, Oscar Cruz, condemned the app today, saying it promotes immorality.

To use the app, a Facebook user simply installs it and the app lists the user’s friends of the opposite sex. If anyone strikes the user’s fancy, they click if they’d like to ‘bang’ him or her and the only way the friend will find out is if he or she has also installed the app and indicated he or she would like to ‘bang’ the user, as well. The rest is up to the pair.

Writer Mark Wilson on Co.Design described his experience in having tried out with the app, with his missus’ permission.

“After installing the app, I was greeted by a Pinterest-y wall of potential hook-ups: An old co-worker. A friend from high school. A cousin. A minor. A dude. My wife. Lots of my friends’ wives. My mother-in-law, but, thank god, at least not my mom (apparently, there’s at least one filter at work here). With the touch of a button, my vote was cast. I opted just for my wife – really! Part of me hopes she accepts. Part of me hopes she never experiences the oddity of seeing her friends and relatives as a list of potential DTFs (down to ****),” Wilson wrote.

Tina Costanza was a journalist and sub-editor at Silicon Republic