Facebook: Best days to post – segmented by industry (infographic)

3 Jan 2013

When it comes to posting content on Facebook Pages for maximum reach and audience interaction, the timing varies for each industry, reveals a new infographic that lists the best days for sectors to post material on the social networking site.

Despite previous data that suggests not bothering to post content to Facebook on the weekends, the infographic by LinchpinSEO published on Visual.ly indicates higher interaction rates follow content posted on Saturdays and Sundays from the following industries: sport, finance, non-profits, automotive, publishing, entertainment, health and beauty, food and beverage, advertising and consulting, and consumer packaged goods.

Businesses in the telecommunications industry may also spark more interaction from their followers as a result of posting content on Sundays (as well as Fridays and Mondays), but the technology industry overall should look to Mondays as the day to post material on Facebook, as interaction rates are 30pc higher than average on the day, the infographic states.

The infographic also includes a handful of facts, such as the interaction rate for weekend posts on Facebook is 14.5pc higher than weekday posts, yet only 14pc of posts are published on the weekend.


Tina Costanza was a journalist and sub-editor at Silicon Republic