Facebook is the No 1 website in the world

28 May 2010

Google’s DoubleClick AdPlanner stats have confirmed Facebook is the top visited destination on the internet, with 570 billion page views and 540 million visitors.

The AdPlanner stats reveal that the social networking site Facebook site now attracts 35pc of all traffic on the Top 1,000 websites measured.

The statistics, which track all non-Google and YouTube websites, reveal Yahoo! to be in second place with 70 billion page views, 490 million users and a 31.8pc share of the Top 1,000.

Third place was Microsoft’s Live.com, with 39 billion page views, 370 million users and a 24.1pc share of the survey.

Online encyclopaedia Wikipedia, set up by Jimmy Wales, was the fourth most visited property on the internet with a 20pc share of internet traffic measured. It registered 7.9 billion page views and 310m visitors.

Microsoft cropped up in fifth place, too, with MSN.com, which attracts 18.1pc of the traffic, had 11 billion page views and 280 million unique visitors.

Microsoft.com came in at sixth place with 14.8pc of the web’s Top 1,000 site traffic, 3.3 billion page views and 230 million users.

Blogging sites Blogspot.com and WordPress.com came in at seventh place and eleventh place with 14.7pc and 7.7pc of the Top 1,000’s traffic with 230 million and 120 million users respectively.

By John Kennedy

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years