Facebook makes mobile app install ads available to all developers

18 Oct 2012

Facebook’s mobile app install ads were first introduced as a beta programme for select partners in August. Now, the service has been opened up to all developers with further updates promised in the coming months.

Users often click through links on Facebook’s news feeds, timelines, App Store and other pages to download mobile apps. In August, the likes of Kabam, Fab, TinyCo and BigFish got to trial a new mobile ad unit to boost app installs.

TinyCo reported a 50pc higher click-through rate and significantly higher conversion rates compared to its current mobile channels as well as an increase in player engagement. Overall, the mobile app install ads enabled app developers to reach a more relevant audience and increase downloads and discovery.

This service was made available to all developers yesterday via the App Dashboard. Developers can manage their mobile app install campaign from here, choosing the app and selecting the audience for the ad by region, age, gender and mobile operating system. They can also set a budget for the pay-per-click campaign and monitor the ad’s performance from here.

Facebook will be making updates to the service in coming months, such as adding the ability to block the ad if a user already has the app installed and allowing people to install the app without leaving Facebook.

Elaine Burke is the editor of Silicon Republic