Facebook Pages Manager app could be released soon

17 May 2012

Source: @danielkhanh

Facebook is testing a new Pages Manager app for iOS in select regions, while the rest of the world waits for a complete rollout.

The app, only available on iOS, first came to the attention of some Facebook app users in New Zealand and Australia, who received a notification telling them of a new app that could help them manage their Facebook Pages.

Twitter user Daniek Khanh from Auckland, New Zealand, graciously provided screenshots of the app in action to 9to5Mac, which show an interface similar to the current Facebook app, but with access to added information, like Facebook Insights.

The app is only available on iTunes in Australia and New Zealand at the moment, and initial feedback isn’t great but, as Facebook said in a statement to The Next Web, the app has only been released for testing so far. Hopefully, feedback from our friends down under will lead to a much-improved app being released worldwide further down the line.

UPDATE: Some users in Ireland have reported seeing the notification that the app is available and have dowloaded it to try it out. Looks like select users on these shores will get to test the new app, too! If you have the app, let us know what you think of it over on our Facebook page.

Facebook Pages Manager app screenshot

Facebook Pages Manager app screenshot - Insights

Facebook Pages Manager app screenshot - Sidebar

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