Facebook phenomenon ‘I f**king love science’ gets a YouTube channel (video)

27 Aug 2013

Image via 'Science Is Awesome' on Facebook

Passionate science fan Elise Andrew started off using a Facebook page to share bizarre facts and cool pictures she found online. Now, after an incredible amount of likes and shares, the ‘I f**king love science’ brand has become a web series, courtesy of the Discovery Digital Network.

The IFLScience YouTube channel comes in collaboration with Test Tube, a web-based channel launched back in May by Discovery Communications. Test Tube hosted 15 short-form web series at launch, and now the ‘I fucking love science’ phenomenon has been added to the list.

Andrew started the Facebook page in March 2012 to post scientific oddities and facts through highly shareable images. According to an interview for The Chemical Blog, she never expected anyone other than her friends to see it.

However, the page gained more than 1,000 likes after one day on the social network, passing the 1m mark in September 2012. At the time of writing, the page has more than 6.6m fans giving each of Andrew’s posts thousands of likes and shares.

Sticking to the format of the Facebook page, the new YouTube show provides a quick and easily digested run-down of all the exciting developments in science on a weekly basis.

The first instalment, uploaded Friday, 23 August, covers jet packs, new research on the human brain, cannibalistic bugs, and new discoveries in the animal kingdom and space exploration, all squeezed into less than three minutes.


Andrew, who works a day job as a social media content manager and curates the page out of her own personal interest, has also established a mirror page called ‘Science Is Awesome’ for those offended by the coarse language in the original title.

Elaine Burke is the editor of Silicon Republic