Facebook reveals Smart Lists to organise friends

14 Sep 2011

Social networking giant Facebook appears to have thrown a punch at the Circles features on Google+ with Smart Lists, a new system to allow Facebook users to more easily categorise their friends into groups.

The new feature appears to target the ability in Google+ to create groups using Circles.

Smart Lists has been designed to give Facebook users better control over how their friends are grouped. The feature also creates some lists automatically based on the relationship between a user and their Facebook friends, such as family and co-workers. However, users themselves can still add or remove friends from lists.

The lists would allow users to filter who they see updates from.

At the event unveiling Smart Lists, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg brushed aside questions related to Google+ and its features, and instead said the launch was just the beginning of Facebook’s “launching season 2011”, CNET reported.