Facebook takes a leaf out of Google+’s book with new photo layout

31 Jul 2012

Soon, the photos you have uploaded to Facebook will get an attractive new layout as the social network makes changes that bear a striking resemblance to one of its rivals, Google+.

Announced yesterday, the new mosaic-style layout is far more pleasing to the eye than the previous thumbnail view. Pictures are larger and arranged so that they fill the page. A tab across the top of the page lets users navigate between photos in which they’re tagged, their own uploaded photos, and their albums.

A new highlight feature, which already appears on posts on users’ Timelines, lets users selected their favourite photos and make them stand out. While highlighted posts cross the two columns of the Timeline layout, highlighted photos will appear larger on the photos page and on the user’s Timeline.

Facebook photo layout - highlights

The pencil button that appears next to the highlight star lets users quickly edit a photo’s information, and, when hovering over images, a pop-over will appear, making it easier to like or comment on photos.

This update is being rolled out globally, so expect it to hit your profile over the next few weeks.

Elaine Burke is the editor of Silicon Republic