Facebook Timeline arrives worldwide today

15 Dec 2011

Facebook’s new profile design Timeline is now available worldwide. It chronicles a person’s life on Facebook with their updates, photos and videos.

The service began its roll out earlier this month, starting in New Zealand. Facebook planned to roll it out earlier, but was temporarily blocked after online historical scrapbook site Timelines.com sued the social network.

However, Facebook’s Timeline is now available to all users worldwide. When users upgrade to Timeline, they’ll have seven days to review everything that appears on it before anyone else can see it. Users can also choose to publish their timeline at any time during this review period before the seven-day deadline and they can view how Timeline appears to either other friends or the public by selecting “view as.”

Users can make certain events a feature of the profile by clicking on the star on the story to expand it to two columns. Stories can be hidden, deleted or edited by clicking the pencil. Users can also set these stories to private mode.

The activity log lets users review all their posts and activity from when they first used Facebook to today. This is only viewable to the Facebook account holder and lets them manage their posts.

To get Facebook Timline, visit the Introducing Timeline page and click “Get It Now.” Users will also be prompted to switch on their profile at a later stage. Facebook Timline will also be available on Android and Facebook’s mobile page from today.